Monday, July 5, 2010

How Do You Win the Lottery Four Times?

How many times do you have to win the lottery before it's pretty much proof that you sold your soul to the devil?

So, most people would assume that if you win the lottery, you're pretty darn lucky. Now, if you win again, that might be proof that you are the luckiest effing person to ever live.

But, what if you won three times? Then things would begin to get scary, right? I know I'd think so. But what if you won the lottery... four times?

Well, then you'd be Las Vegas resident Joan R. Ginther. Yes, that's right. She literally just won the lottery for her FOURTH TIME.

As if winning millions upon millions of dollars in early winnings wasn't enough, for some reason she just kept on buying lottery tickets, because of course, there are more millions to win.

She's currently requesting to have minimal publicity over her most recent winning, because, I assume, she knows she will be asked a wide range of questions regarding whom she sold her soul to.

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